water in back seat floorboard When it starts the fluid can collect in the evaportor box which is to the right of the heater core box and coe out when forward motion begins and end up in the rear footwell. Each time we drive the Expedition in the rain the floorboards in the 3rd row become completely soaked. I have a strange problem. It must be at least a gallon. Jun 18 2013 2016 Jeep Cherokee with 1 800 miles on it. This water was just behind the drivers seat. where the heels of your feet would reside of the rear passenger . com Tons of Water under front passenger seat and back floor dripping slightly wet in front 9 Answers There is water getting into my 1990 Camry when it rains when it 39 s parked in the driveway. I don 39 t know if its just running down the back side of the heat shield or what. Then decided to do another test using the garden hose i put water on the car windscreen low and behold water was coming thro the passenger footwell under the glove compartment at the side where all the electrics are. I used to work on all my previous cars back home in the UK. There was no water directly under either seat. Actually had one of my amps and crossovers under that seat since the amp can 39 t really fit in the trunk amp got wet it 39 s toast Furthermore the carpet padding towards the front of the firewall on the I have been getting a large amount of water in my right rear floorboard on my 2007 530 xi. I have lots of water under my front and rear driver 39 s side carpets. Also park on a sloped driveway with the back end downhill keep your rear carpet elevated off the floorboard Gravity will pull the water toward the back seat nbsp Water inside your car can cause all sorts of horrible problems some of which can a pool of water should be noticeable under the car to the rear of the engine. Extra Pet Bowls. Aug 04 2008 This will cause cold clear A C water to drain inside the vehicle on the passenger side. I 39 ve pulled the seats lifted the carpet and checked the drainage plugs and everything seems fine. Where could this water be coming from it is under the rubber mats on the rug. Jun 17 2019 Battling water leaking under the rear seat Discussion in 39 Exterior 39 started by Intercooler Jun 17 2019. aptally New Member Jul 26 2010 I get a puddle of water in the back floorboard driver side. But first the sequence of events. Water is lodging in right back seat 39 s floor exactly behind nbsp . If you re lucky the mess will be harmless like water or Apr 27 2014 So I tore everything out to try to find out why it was full of water after sucking it out with the wet vac and to figure out how it was also filling the floor pans. There is a hump that the front seat attaches to and thus the water would never make its way to the back. Tried re gluing the rubber seal. I used putty sealant for metal building construction that never hardens but silicone will work as long as it sticks to the plastic but not the rubber. I can see that the leak is pooling behind the carpet walls in the boot near the brake lights. They are stumped. Sep 22 2010 I have a 2001 Bonneville SLE. Since I had gone to a dealer shortly after purchasing the car in January to have them give me a print out of the service history I knew the rear window regulator had been replaced. No evidence of water leakage from anywhere yet the passenger floorboard is wet. 39 11 Forester water leak It was time to do some spring cleaning a month ago the first vacuuming since I bought the car new in November 2010. Sesquash Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 10 21 2003 16 42 11 RE Passenger Side Water Leak SOLVED IP Logged Message Great news if this fix covers all the 39 other 39 water on the floorboard complaints Good go and thanks for sharing Sesquash Sesquash Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 10 21 2003 17 Ran the water hose over everything no leaks apparent. Jul 19 2012 Water leak causing rear floorboard carpet padding to get wet amp mildew Having trouble finding it. I removed the cover and soaked the water with a towel. 5 Gallons with the Wet Dry and then took the vehicle into the dealer the next day they were open. To unclog run a semi stiff wire down through them. Pull the carpet back to expose the battery hatch in the upper left corner of Water draining from the A C system runs out under the rubber flap amp then back inside the firewall under the passenger front carpet amp collects in the R rear footwell. So I lifted the spare tire cover and found about 1. Eventually the water reaches the fresh air vents and pours into the climate control system. That morning I took it directly to the dealership while it was still wet. Last I checked it was almost dry. Wife is 99 sure that no window was left open and nothing was spilled. Three wood screws at each end of seat floor rail. The 2006 Ford Mustang has 18 problems reported for water leaking into interior. I checked the spare tire well for water nothing. At the same time pull up on the front lip of the seat. HINT the car dealer probably pushed it up to drain the cabin. Water leaking into floorboard. Otherwise starting mid year 2006 the 9 3 started to get another water barrier located above the cabin filter housing under the passenger side cowling beneath the hood My 2011 passenger side has a major leak in the floor. The area immediately behind the vent under the driver 39 s seat is also fairly dry some moisture has wicked back from the rear foot well but I doubt that the water came out of that vent. The water was entering the channel above the passenger side doors and running forward to the quot A quot pillar and down to the floor. There was a disconnect that had come loose. I thought maybe I had a leak somewhere because it had been raining so I checked and found nothing. The drains run down the c pillars just behind the rear doors and if clogged the water backs up and runs down onto the floors. You have to take the rear bumper off to fix it. Seats are dry no water anywhere else. I cleaned out all the sunroof drain tubes and it drains just fine exactly where it 39 s Sep 24 2011 Water puddle in the passenger rear seat floor YouTube Water on passenger side floorboard Automotive 13 replies 2001 bmw 325i BMW and MINI 9 replies Jan 07 2017 This is the 4th time I have had my car into the dealer for standing water in my backseat floorboard behind the drivers seat. Turns out the blower motor sits in 1 to 2 inches of water because of some sort of water back up. There is no particular trail from which I can trace the water leak path or so it seems. The vehicle did not have the roof rails installed by factory or by dealer. A hard Florida rain can get 2 inches of water on the floor. the butt cushions were wet. . Couldn 39 t get an appointment to get it even looked at for weeks b c the dealership said the leak man didn 39 t work weekends and they weren 39 t willing to work with my work schedule at all. Land to House How To Find and Fix Water Leaking Inside a Car Wet Carpet. But if it gets clogged then you might have a problem. Jon 97 GST 2K 0 1 0 Buick Lesabre 1996 Water Leak Onto Passenger Side Back Floorboard Apr 23 2014. I removed the mat and left it outdoors out of the sun for about 4 hours. No water under the front soundproofing by the pedals. Just a plain solid roof. I had the exact same problem with my Audi. May 03 2009 The common leak in a 944 that you mentioned doesn 39 t actually leak into the rear of the car. Instead of paying for an expensive company to come in and do the job for you it can easily be done by using a vacuum specially designed for picking up water and baking soda. It is really wet right under the pedals but gets dry fast the closer you get to the firewall. I have done some looking on the internet and found something about TSB 204 that covers water leaking under seats and in rear seat floorboard area. Dec 28 2015 Check your rear sunroof drain tubes they exit in the front of the rear wheel well behind the wheel well cover . Buick LeSabre 2003 model. Anyway I thought I had it all worked out. In time the rear seat floorboard became saturated first the driver 39 s side and then the passenger side. 98 2009 Chevy Malibu water soaked passenger rear floor board. Add in a road trip and you re likely to have miles of messes. There was some water in the section under the seat and is probably moving from there to the back since I park on a slight incline but I can 39 t nbsp 12 Aug 2015 They proved this by using a hose to put water on the areas one at a If you notice the water after the AC has been on but it has not rained RAV4 my passenger floorboard was like a swimming pool of water still standing water under the padding in both the front and the back on My seats were wet. I just bought a 2012 wrangler 4 door I noticed only the 2 back seat floors are wet and not the front. I could see water under the gas tank release lever. I pounded it out and it went back to normal. truck is brand new 2013 ram I took out the passenger seat by removing the four bolts that hold it onto the floorboard then removed the passenger side kick panel in order to peel back the carpeting and find the water source. While sitting in the back seat lift the headliner up in the area behind the quarter window. its not getting in from anywhere obvious. The rear floor behind the drivers seat is soaked. It seems that the water somehow got into the door panel trim and then exited from under the trim where the trim meets the door. Sep 10 2012 1993 Ford Crown Victoria Aug 11 2006 Poured water into the area water did not leak into the passenger footwell. It smells every time it rains and for a few days after. I still think the heater core is more likely but this is a possibility The Petego inflatable seat extender fills the space between the front and back seats of your car. Pull the rear seat cushion and have a look for water movement ie coming from back forwards . Likely you need a new one or some butle tape to re seal it correctly if the barrier is not torn. The line nbsp 4 Mar 2012 But the drivers side floor board is soaked and the drivers side back seat floor . I didn 39 t know where the water was or where it was coming from. Its not wet towards the front. The trunk back seat and floor board would get wet after heavy rains or snow. Jan 09 2014 1990 Audi 90 Quattro 20V with rear locking differential. with water amp somehow was getting to the floor in the back seat. Water leaking into carpet and floorma I have the passenger seat taken out carpet pulled back and there is a lot of puddled water on the pan and the foam is soaked. windshield leaks can cause leaks that are channeled to the rear of the car also rear windshield leaks can cause this problem the bast thing to due is to pull the carpet back on the r f and r and sit in the car and have someone spray the car down with water to give you some bit of a trail to follow Chris Jan 28 2017 I seem to have a similar problem with my 2014 convertible. Aug 26 2014 Well here is another one Today 5 2 15. In Hammys picture 99 of water located here is coming in from between the door and the door panel due to the inner weather Feb 10 2010 Bilstein 5100 39 s front back set at 1. After sitting in the back seat in rain to find the leak it seems that the water is seeping in through the top door seal down around the inside door frame an under the carpet in the Jun 02 2016 Water in passenger floorboard I recently purchased an 06 Dodge Magnum SRT8 and walked out this morning to standing water mostly in the back passenger floorboard. I have vacummed it out twice. May 08 2018 Water on floor passenger side from leaking sunroof drains. I just noticed today that the Front Passenger side is wet underneath the floormat as well. 3 Jun 2018 No Dodge experience but the sunroof drains in my Porsche 996 Turbo ran down between the back seat and the side panels. The fluid may be green or clear and may be more noticeable after operating the heating or air conditioning system. Mar 25 2010 I had to pull the seats out and all the carpet. Sep 04 2012 1997 ES300 135K We have a VERY VERY wet passenger rear floor board At first we thought it was due to a water bottle that had tipped over during a trip. They said it was not plugged and would look at the AC core for a leak The AC unit works fine we are in Florida and it keeps the car very cold when in operation. Nov 26 2006 After heavy rain I noticed that my rear passenger floorboard is full of water. Check the front floor board for leaks coming from HVAC box from where it gets air from the cowl air intake and drains down on front floor below firewall. Leaves and other debris will clog the drain vents and will cause moisture to sit and create rust holes. I do not know nbsp 4 Jan 2008 If so the driver side water line could have got backed up and caused water to back up and leak in around the driver floorboard. A week later I checked the back seat floor and that same side was damp not as wet as before under the mat and again a little condensation on the backside of the mat. Yesterday about a half gallon of water spilled on the passenger floorboard. 1 Cowl vent. for the back seat under my passenger seat was completely soaked. 30 Jun 2010 up standing water on the back passenger side floor board with a towel. Provides a generous 700 cubic inches or 3 gallons of storage Easily attaches to seat back with straps that slide over the head rest 21. entering the cabin at this area down the rear shelf down the rear seat back and filling the rear seat area up with water overflowing down to the floor and traveling to the passenger front floorI 39 ll bet you a nickle I 39 m right. So then I just sat in the 4Runner and observed. I will have to find the drainage holes mentioned by Derfo. Found the broken parts and just replaced the whole back glass with a one piece. However the car sat in the garage during rain storms about till the point of the roof rail Turns out there is a rear windshield washer fluid supply line that goes under the carpet on its way back to the rear. wondering if anyone else has had a water leak problem. Mar 13 2006 Make sure the cowl drains are clear. I took out the carpet and removed the sound deadning mats wool blanket looking things under carpet . The only NSF Certified safe Pet Bowls Seat Protector. I had a problem once where the rain water would travel down and when it went into my door canals a dent in the door that had been fixed on the outside but not on the inside had caused the water to cross over into the cabin and down to the floorboard. look under quot neon This next tutorial is going to be showing you how to take care of a problem that is very common amongst drivers. After a little investigating I realized the floor duct is flooded with water and nbsp 20 Apr 2009 It has recently started to get water in the drivers side rear floor board when it and take it to an automatic car wash and jump in the back seat. The water can drain out of the tube unrestricted then run back to the firewall and leak into the passenger compartment underneath the carpet. Feb 17 2012 I would start with just visually inspecting all the door seals and look around for anywhere that you have wind noise. A heavy duty food or water bowl for on the go dogs and cats. Once those were unclogged I never had any other water problems. Mold and fungus started growing in the back because it would never dry. One of my old rides had the same issue. My rear passenger side floorboard seems to be constantly wet since it 39 s been raining regularly here in Georgia. 9 Feb 2011 I 39 m having same problem yet all my drain tubes seem clear and window seems sealed yet I still get a puddle of water on the drivers side rear seat nbsp 18 May 2010 This doesn 39 t resolve the rear passenger seat floor board though I removed the trim along the passenger side of the windshield and exposed the nbsp just noticed water leaking into rear driver side floorboard water in the back floor board I didn 39 t think the water could flow from the front seat. The seats were dry no signs of water coming in around I have a 2010 Chevy Malibu and I found water in the floor behind my passenger seat. Could it be coming from trunk So i had a water leak in my 2007 CC titan coming form the back wall aking my carpet wet behind the rear passenger seat everytime i went through the carwash or it rained. Water also fills the 2nd row seat clamps as the water comes into the car I 39 ve had this repaired twice already at the dealer and it just happened again. The water transferred to the front divers side. No sunroof in this car. Something tells me this is more than just a door seal. Protect your vehicle s inside door panels from scuffs scratches dirt and more Pet Barrier. A couple of days ago my wife noticed that the floor mat on the rear passenger side of her car was sopping wet. I have poured water in the sunroof holes on front right and the water comes out of the drain tubes in the front and a little bit comes out of the rear. It is not just a little bit of water but actually a puddle of water. Jan 24 2010 I also had a problem with water leaking in the rear passenger floor board on my 2003 Convertible. I have a leak on my drivers side the front floor board is soaking wet and the back seat floor board is damp. Question is do you have rear window wash. I couldn 39 t figure out why. sidewall carpet under door jamb is dry. All windows were closed and sunroof was closed. 19 Jan 2018 water got in and settled in the left rear pass footwell. 79 Nov 13 2006 For about a month now when it rains I 39 ve noticed a good amount of water on the drivers side floor in the back. so i did a thorough look around and found the source. Turns out as reported by shop manager that the tube drain line from the rear sun roof was short by about 3 quot and had never been hooked up. Nov 22 2012 Start with you water barrier on that rear door where the water is most evident. Looks to be coming Aug 22 2014 Hi guys. When I pulled back the driver 39 s carpet on the firewall I found it wet. 49 List List Price 36. Major pain in the a but we couldn 39 t find the problem. May 08 2017 CARS. If these get disconnected the water will find its way down the side of the rear seat under the rear seat cushion and end up in the footwells. I removed the rear seats and pulled the carpet up from the back. By the look of the coorostion on the foam it appears to originate in the back portion of the floor pan i. Cheers and I hope my giving back to the board helps someone else. 99 Save 2. My 2011 passenger side has a major leak in the floor. Pulling out the rear seat first I found water soaked into the bottom of the padding easily 8 or ten inches higher than floor level. We recently had our Expansion Valve replaced on our E It 39 s the A C drain that 39 s clogged. 98 36 . I removed the all weather floor mats to find all the carpets soaking wet front rear right left amp under the front seats. The morning after the first big rain I had quite a bit of water standing in the drivers side floor mat. 1984 Porsche 944 1992 Lexus LS400 1988 Toyota Supra 5 speed targa project in pieces 2002 BMW 325iX Product Title 1 Pack Car Seat Back Organizer Auto Seat Multi Pock Average rating 0 out of 5 stars based on 0 reviews Current Price 18. This is an easy fix if your rubber hose is dislodged lik floor boards in back seat are soggy wet only after it rains and when car has been drive. Jul 08 2013 When Ford installed the rear glass the fasteners were over tightened and broken. Oct 02 2009 Wet driver side back seat wet floor 2005 X3 After heavy rains I find substantial water 2 3 quarts at a time only in the foot well in the driver side back seat. It was a lot of water. There was a ton of water in the rear foot well. Keeps Pets Secure in Vehicle Behind your 2nd or 3rd Row Seats Pet Partition 18 Jul 2016 There is no water on the front floor or the rear driver 39 s side floor. Woke up this morning to a very big puddle of water in the passenger side front footwell. Use a garden hose to soak the area where the windshield wipers park right at the bottom middle of the windshield you should then see water draining out of the bottom rear edges of both front fenders. They are studs attached to the window frame with small nuts on the inside. Back seat dog bridge is not recommended for spaces greater than 13 quot from back of seat to the seat edge. Fixed with compressed air forced down the drain tubes and repeated periodically. over the car and have someone inside watching for water leaking in. And get the water out with a wet vac and let the back completely dry keep the doors open for awhile. change the gaskets dealer part or check ebay there is a seller making good ones there. They added an extension piece which appears to have solved the problem. 5 Mar 11 2008 i am getting water when it rains in my 1996 lincoln town car it is not wet any where on the roof but i get a big puddle on the floor on the rear seat area on the drivers side Mar 11 2008 i am getting water when it rains in my 1996 lincoln town car it is not wet any where on the roof but i get a big puddle on the floor on the rear seat area on the drivers side May 06 2008 This water was just behind the driver 39 s seat. Mean while it is still dripping from an area down and rear of this spot. Nov 25 2019 Water in the passenger side rear floorboard is very very common. only after going through a touchless carwash i get water under the rearr seat compartment on drivers side. 23 Dec 2009 1992 1999 Water leak into rear seat floorboards Hi 99 SSEi I have searched on this forum and read the many messages about water getting nbsp Can 39 t see how this would make it into the back seat floorboards. 79 The water is probably coming in the cabin at the passenger side lower corner of the back window. Up the sides of the carpet is dry near the center console and drivers side door . The right rear drain line can be seen by removing the battery access cover but it is difficult to work with unless you peel back the liner. Today was warn and the snow melted off the jeep. The rear carpet was a mess I actually pried away the padding from the actual carpet with flat piece of metal this made drying easier. After adding the caulking no more wetness anywhere inside the car I applied bathroom silicone caulking around the entire tail light assembly on both sides of the car. It 39 s dry under the seat though. I have checked window and ceiling and I see no place where water has come in. I removed the rear passenger seat back cushion and pulled away the plastic panel which houses the rear speaker to get a better look. Watch to find out how to fix nbsp 17 Apr 2017 AFTER A RAIN STORM do you have water PUDDLING UP and soaking the carpets Wet and Dry Shop Vac http amzn. It did it again a couple days later but this time it hadn t been raining. The top and the windows were fully up and properly secured yet the carpet area behind both seats was soaked and I had water under the front carpet on both sides more on the driver side than the passenger side which appeared to have migrated from rear to front on either side of the seats. If the vertical carpet panel from the footwell to the rear seat is as wet as the footwell it 39 ll likely be the gutters. I have 2 water leak issues. So the rear floorboard is the first to get wet if that 39 s what nbsp 7 Nov 2018 I went looking around and found that the rear floor board was completely soaked. If water has ever spilled on you from inside your car it 39 s probably from your HVAC. Water will be running down to the floor. I saw the water leaking from the door running to my rear floor carpet. Well this morning is super sunshiny. Each time I have had it in after it gets wet which is always after we have had some rain I have taken it in right away. Raise the carpet under the front seat from the back seat side it 39 s has Velcro and check that the rubber hose is inserted because it may have become dislodged. gt pop the rear bench seat up . I put the zip tie back in there and some water will burb out but not much. At first pass I didn 39 t think the two could be related but it sounds like it very well could be. I 39 ve also seen the rear lights on the tailgates of an estate leak water on a few cars which you solve by drilling tiny holes in them. USUAL CAUSE Water present on the floorboard is usually caused by one of two things. Those guys done another water test with it and found that it was leaking in one of the vents on the back of the cab in between the cab and bed on the driver side. When seat is off the runners unplug the airbag and the heated seat and take seat out of the front door. anyone nbsp 13 Nov 2006 water in the passenger front floorboard wouldn 39 t have made its way all the way to the rear of the car without you noticing it first Like it would nbsp Top of rear air duck was wet. Average repair cost is 950 at 65 300 miles. Oct 22 2016 Good afternoon last night I found my floorboard wet under the front passenger seat. All sunroofs leak water. Sep 24 2012 I have a 2005 sonata and water is on the floor on the driver side and back seat passenger side. There are no water stains in the roof lining etc. May 29 2018 I had 3 gallons of water spill in my back seat which disappeared so fast the carpet didn 39 t get wet. There was a plastic splice near the seat that had worked its way loose. That keeps water out of the groove to keep it from rusting the frame and tunnel. quot Is there water in the spare tire well of your trunk If they are wet chances are the rear deck drain line is leaking into the trunk. We didnt know then and now were strongly leaning towards an air conditioning AC issue. It is a relatively simple fix with silicon goop. I sucked up about 1. Apr 05 2010 Then reinstall the seat and go through a car wash with a friend and see if and where the water comes in. Said they had to remove the back seats to get to it. There was also a big puddle in the trunk again only the passenger side. Also heard about an A C drain hose in the front passenger seat that can be dislodged by nbsp Good afternoon last night I found my floorboard wet under the front passenger seat. The carpet jute pad and undermat are all soaked. i cant find a leak but it gets soaked after it rains. Dec 18 2010 2007 Outback Wagon. carpet on the floor is soaking wet and water is pooled up. Sealed that. Mar 07 2014 Finally was able to find the leakIt was leaking across the bottom of the sliding rear glass. I figured it was a sunroof problem but that 39 s only HALF the problem. All windows were closed all doors were closed. Last week however I pourded 2 bottles of water in the sunroof seat with the roof open and the water drained out of the front of the firewall and no pooling under the 90 in the firewall. I then pulled out the front floor mats I found that the driver 39 s front floorboard was wet too but no puddle mark like the rear seat floorboard. I even had someone sit inside the car while I spayed water on the vehicle and can not find where it is coming in. Weve had 2 nights in the past week with lots of hard rain. 16 Jul 2013 A C unit leaking inside the passenger side of the car making the floorboards damp soaked and wet. Today the mat was wet again with about an inch of water accumulating only on the passenger side of the rear floor. If water doesn 39 t start draining immediately the cowl drains are probably plugged up. Thanks Craig Woolley 27 B. Area behind top of rear hatch. Was getting some stuff out of back seat in my 2007 late build 7 2007 Signature Limited TC. The mat drained for probably 10 minutes it was so soaked. And it is always a puddle of sorts in the exact middle. I have a sun roof. I soon found the back passen floorboard was completely soaked. Your drain tubes are clogged. Checked sunroof drains and all 4 seem to exit the water properly. NOTE between the 2 nuts is a pointed clip this might have to be squeezed with pliers to be able to start pushing the seat back. I finally noticed staining on my headliner. 22 Oct 2017 it 39 s surprising how much water your ac can pull out of the air. But on the driver side. At most it starts under the seat. I had in channel rain guards thinking they might be pushing out the weather stripping I removed them. I have a 1996 Buick Le Sabre. Water under drivers seat back passenger floor Help Advice Owners 39 Discussion and DIY Tutorials devoted to the second generation C70 S40 and V50 Volvos awkwardly model year 2004 onwards plus where to go for advice and discussion on Volvo 39 s sporty C30 Coupe powered by Volvo 39 s ubiquitous inline 5 cylinder power plant. This is a great place for infor on our cars. Took it to work in a rain storm parked it came back and there was a gallon of water in the driver 39 s floor area. It is coming in through the rear vents i hear the seals go and it is a common mk4 problem. the headliner door panels seats etc were all dry just the rear floor. The front footwells are the lowest point of the floor so water will flow into them even if the water is entering in the back seat area. I went to have it soaked up at a detail shop and its soaked again. RE water in pass floorboard IP Logged Message I have found the source of my wet passenger side floor it was the lower left corner of the rear slider. I have taken it to the dealer and two repair shops. This is actually quite common with vehicles that don t use a rubber L shaped hose on the plastic drain tube. Made of durable PVC backed nylon this seat extender is perfect for crates or large carriers and prevents pets from falling in between seats and getting injured. Lately we have been getting a lot of rain and I noticed that the rear driver side floor was wet. It happens whenever it rains. Initially I heard water sloshing around behind me. Also considering the rear axle hump between the rear seat and the spare tire well it seems unlikely that a leak sourced in the very front or the very back Rear As stated in other replies the rear drain lines run down the quot C quot pillars into the trunk and exit out the rear wheelhouses. floor boars plugs are in. I got home and removed the seat and wet vac 39 d nbsp 27 Nov 2018 Water collecting elsewhere in the interior like on top of the dash or in the back seat That 39 s more likely to be rainwater seeping past bad nbsp In general there are several possible causes of water ingress to a foot well from a damaged or deformed door seal to a blocked air conditioning drain hose or nbsp Lowest entry point inside the car is the outlets under the seats for the rear passenger compartment. Just push back slightly on the front edge of the cushion about 6 quot in from the door. Feb 09 2011 Pull out your back seat and pull up the carpet a bit see if you can tell where the water 39 s been running from to give you a direction to look. Apr 11 2008 I have a 93 sts and had water coming in on the back seat floor boards turns out it was the moonroof quot drain tubes quot they were clogged up you can get to them through the trunk. Even the floor mat was soaked. Probably a gallon or more under there. It runs into the spare tire compartment and the back of the trunk where it can run into the interior when you hit the brakes. I can also hear water gurgling from rear floor area when car is first started. Sep 07 2008 Thanks. but that lead to another problem nbsp I noticed water saturday night after racing on the floor of the passenger side back seat right behind the passenger seat no where else just that part of the floor. My replacement floorboards have been in there for 18 years and 190 000 miles to date they look like the day they were installed and believe me they have been plenty wet plenty often. Can 39 t use the sliding glass now but better than having a pool under the back seat Thanks for the help Water in the back ultimately comes from the tail lights 99 of the time. Dec 04 2007 The water is actually accumulating in where the person sitting in the back seat behind the driver on the left hand side of the car would put their feet. I guess I 39 ll have to hose down the rear window and see what happens. It 39 s clear water so it 39 s not a leaky heater core. Can you with the water tank in place yet fold the rear seats without the lower part so the upper part of the rear seats mount on top of the water tank and yet form a bed Question by Adrian The Footwell Water Tank WTAN022 is a universal water tank and has not been tested in all vehicles. I get back to my car after work the rain has stopped and there 39 s no water on the floor. The gaskets get old and they let water in. No water found on the floor of the front passenger seat nor directly behind it. Q. Under the seat and front floor board are fine but just the back board is soaked. 12 Aug 2019 This can allow water to get into the door panels and leak into the If it leaks it can leak that hot coolant down the back of the dash and into the nbsp 22 Mar 2020 There was a water leak near the back glass the trunk and rear seat Question There is water in the back passenger floorboard when it rains. and it keeps coming back. 5 gal of water. how can I find out where the water coming from I would tape some news paper up over the sun roof on the inside of the car then put water on the roof and see where the water marks are just an idea SYMPTOM SUMMARY There is a liquid present on the floorboard of the vehicle. When I pulled the carpeting back I was astonished to find not a puddle of water but a good sized lake two inches deep I have a 2006 X3 with 87 000 miles. One time there was about an inch of water and it started smelling. That did not Jul 20 2014 About 3 months after I purchased my 2014 Rogue SL brand new off the lot I noticed water pooled in the carpet underneath the Driver 39 s Seat. I thought it could be a possible water bottle spill or maybe a window left cracked in the rain. The other more frequent issue is a torn or unglued noise baffle vapor barrier that is in each rear door. The windows were up and tight. So I vacumed it out thing someone got in the car with wet shoes I 39 m in Washington . Pulled back the mat and dried it out. It 39 s located on the passenger side under the dash. The back glass had a small leak on the top seal and dripped water down the back collecting on the rear floorboard running down the side of the passenger seat and soaking the font of the passenger floor board. 4 Jul 2011 The water is only on the back floor. To get to these to nbsp 28 Nov 2015 GS 3rd Gen 2006 2011 Water on the floor in the rear seat carpet All Yesterday i had the car in a driveway incline of 5Degree . Water coming in was from the weather shield thats located inside the door panel. If so does the water line run on the right side. No cracks for rain. I didn 39 t get a chance to look to closely as I had to go to work. Then I dried it completely and had to carpet wash the floor carpet. Noticed water in back passenger floorboard. Step 1 Run a wet vacuum over the wet or damp area of the carpet to bring up as much of the water as possible. 01 25 2012 02 08 PM Hello I purchased a new 2017 with about 12 miles on the clock. The floor of the back seat is wet. May 28 2012 The A C pulls water out of the air and drains it through a tube to the ground and if the tube got plugged maybe it could back up and leak into the car. I remover the three drain plugs I could find in the floor board. There are usually two drains in the front one in each corner and at least one drain in the rear. She thought perhaps a water bottle must have spilled or leaked so she soaked up the water and dried out the mat. It looked like the kind of stains you 39 d expect from water getting in between the roof and the headliner. Jun 19 2012 1. 5 rear OEM bed mat Weathertech floor mats OEM sill protectors Window tint N Fab side steps WTF That is a serious problem. the nbsp It has recently started to get water in the drivers side rear floor board when it rains I can suggest and take it to an automatic car wash and jump in the back seat. Upon further look found water under the driver 39 s seat saturated and then found that the wetness was just forward of the driver 39 s seat. Jun 29 2016 With the top in the closed and latched position have an assistant stand outside of the vehicle and run water over the top of the car. Jun 19 2012 LEAK water in back seat floorboard when it rains Discussion in 39 New Member Introductions 39 started by aptally Jun 19 2012. Be careful with getting water in the passenger compartment. You don t want to remove the seat back just the cushion. My fear and his is that they are lying. Commonly though factory moonroofs are expected to leak so they simply put a channel under the seal to catch water and then have drain tubes that run through one of the roof pillars to the ground often times these tubes get plugged up with dirt leaves and the water then pools Mar 23 2013 Once when I was camping dust clogged up my condensation drain and caused water to back up on my passenger side floorboard. There 39 s no moonroof so it 39 s not a clogged moonroof drain. There was a trickle of water down the back right side of the trunk and some water was collecting in the right side well. I recall some people have reproduced the problem when washing the car. Took it to the dealer. It seems to be coming from the area where the air vent is under the seat. Seat Cover for your Vehicle Door Protector. 1993 Marq. Thanks for all the input. Apr 28 2012 Hmmn I did have water on the rear parcel shelf on mine now it 39 s mentioned but that was the dodgy non genuine sharks fin aerial which was leaking. I then noticed this water escaping back to the rear seat and making the carpet back there wet too. Apr 25 2015 I have a water leak that is underneath the vehicle. I believe there were 5 components which cost 5 000. The front floorboard is dry. Peel back the sides of the trunk liner to access the drain lines. The rear floorboards get soaked and nothing else. Sheet metal does not fit by left seat rail I was able to slide a nbsp 26 Jun 2015 before replacing back the carpet after it was dried i removed the drain plugs on the floor board permanently . 2 inches of water every time it rains. This is an easy fix if your rubber hose is nbsp 1 Jul 2017 Wet Toyota Floorboard FIX Matrix Vibe Corolla Camry. After a period of rainy days found that the rear left passenger floorboard was completely saturated with water. e. Is there a drain somewhere in the rear floor I can check Thanks for any help. 20 10 19. I lifted up my back seat to find out that there was standing water there also. There is a bad water leak onto the passenger side back floorboard. 49 18 . After a little investigating I realized the floor duct is flooded with water and when I use the floor vent the water is blown out onto the carpet. a leak in the back seat area of a Dodge Ram is usually either the 3rd brake light seal leaking or something happened to the rear I sprayed water every where on top in the cowl area inside the wheel well and underneath but I could not get it leak inside Well today it finally rained after 10 days Guess what I drove the car for 20 minutes and the floorboard got swamped. Door Seal Leak The water pools up along the weather striping as you can see in the picture and when sitting inside it then begins to run in and that is what is causing my pool of water in the back seat as the trail it takes is the exact one that I see by the water stains on the carpet. Is the leak coming from around the rear window some where and the water finding it 39 s way to the floor When this happens again try to observe it closely to see where it 39 s coming from usually when water leaks through seals you can either replace the seal or seal it back up with some sicaflex type glue but make sure the glue has no acid agents in it or it can promote rust. I had this problem too. When I took everything out of the car I ran a hose all around the car to see if there was a leak after 30min of water I couldn 39 t find the leak. 1990 burgundy parts Vanagon. Today on my way home from work I noticed the floor for the back seat under my passenger seat was completely soaked. The water somehow entered the AC Heating system and accumulated in the bowl shaped blower motor access panel causing the blower motor to fail. ONLY he drives this car no one else rides with him. This looks like it could be a design issue. No white salt stains at all. My car smells horrible. that will cause water to run down behind the rear seat puddle under the seat and ultimately the floorboard in the rear. Near the seatbelts then Grab a water hose and blast the sun roof see if you can see I coming in. No water on the door or seat just front passenger floor. It rained really hard here yesterday. I took it to the Chevy Dealer for an oil change and asked them to blow out the drain line to the AC unit. 75 quot Pioneer AVIC110 BT head unit JL 6x9 front and Alpine 6. I do not have a vista roof. Nothing in the trunk is getting wet. Jun 05 2016 I have a 2016 crew cab Silverado ltz z71. Buick Lesabre 1996 Water Leak Onto Passenger Side Back Floorboard. The front and back passenger side floor boards were completely soaked. It began in the summer of 2016. I 39 m considering pulling up that side of the carpet and jute pad undermat and putting in an electric box fan setting it on high and leaving it run all night long with the side windows cracked for some air to If they are clogged water will back up and leak through sunroof and into headliner. Would the A C cause water on rear passenger floorboard Usually if the drain tube for the AC is plugged the front passenger floor gets wet not the rear. What I found is there is a design drain hole in the frame rails just ahead of the the rear wheels same location marked in your pictures . When you use your A C condensation builds up as well and this usually goes down a drain. Its only in the area of the mat. Rear drip rail 5. Look in trunk and check the wheel humps for leaks that lets water thrown by rear wheels get into the car. It is usually a leak at the fresh air intake under the hood on the passenger side where a foam gasket has disintegrated. 4 Jun 2019 Why was the floorboard wet in my truck the other day A common problem in many vehicles that is really easy to fix. Page 2 of 2 lt Prev 1 2. Put some silicone around the bottom to keep the water from settling in the seam and it seems to be working. Sponsored By Aug 1 2019 at Jan 06 2012 Wednesday was the worst it 39 s been though. COM Kids and messes go hand in hand especially in the car. Symptoms Wet front carpet water in glove box. The root cause I believe it is due to the plastic weather cover in the door that I removed once before. I noticed it today when I was cleaning the jeep. With the water running look past the headliner to confirm the water is draining into the water management bag. and the floorboard is soaked under the passenger seat. We have had no significant rain for more than two Why is the backseat floorboard damp all the time 2014 Nissan Altima When it is parked outside and it rains there will be water standing on the floor behind the front passenger seat. After a day or two of rain the pad only on the drivers side back floorboard gets we and mildews and stinks up quick. It also leaks water into the fuse area and the passenger side floorboard when making a left turn. Measure the width of your bench seat to ensure a good fit. BMW seats are far easier to remove than most. just pull at each corner vertically . i think its coming in through the air vent on back of cab. Water in Back Seat Floor Boards General E90 Sedan E91 Wagon E92 Coupe The most common causes of wet floorboards are clogged moonroof drains or nbsp 15 Jan 2013 I shop vacced the water out and look everywhere for a leak. I could have filled a 1 liter bottle with the back floorboard alone. When the water drains out of that hole it will back up into the frame rails under the door. Just went outside noticed the inside was fogging up and when I checked under the floor mats it is so wet th 2009 Chevy Malibu water soaked passenger rear floor board. Sep 14 2009 If enough water was coming in to soak the carpet and padding such as with a door ajar or window open then surely there would have been pooled water on the leather seats or console etc. The drains under the rain guard at the base of the windshield get clogged than the water begins to rise. There is no water anywhere else except the back seat floor behind the passenger seat. With the AC on it is dripping water on the ground but not from this drain I worked on. I 39 ve Googled the problem and searched the site and found several likely causes but I 39 ve just ruled each one out. Then while vacuming I let the seat down and noticed iit was damp in the trunk. Hey Guys i have a rather wet situation. Sunroof on the 82 300SD is dry. Apr 24 2012 I discovered the floorboard behind my passenger seat was soaked as well as the mat. This is mainly a problem on the first generation 84 88 Bronco II. There is a bump under the driver 39 s seat that prevents the water from seeping up to the driver 39 s footwell. It seems to be coming from the area where the air vent is under the 17 Nov 2016 I also read that water from the sunroof can leak down the B pillar. 4. Welcome to ShopLifeTV In this video I go over the most common water leaks in the e46 chassis and how to diagnose them. Basically the whole right side and back panel was wet. If you feel water in the backseat floor passenger side the little hose may have come out. Click to expand Would that cause a wet floor board in the back seat driver side I nbsp Honda Prelude water in back seat i cant figure out how water keeps getting on my right back seat. The drain hole at the floor under the carpet was pushed up. to 2ix2o1o TOOLS Best nbsp A puddle forming on the passenger side floorboard of your car can be mystifying especially if it hasn 39 t rained lately so you know it can 39 t be water getting in from nbsp Is the rear window secure and no leaks Water only on the floor and not seats or rear deck The A C line should not be inside the car it 39 s usually in the engine nbsp General Fit Talk Water on back floorboard help Last week after two days of heavy rain I noticed pooling water on the floor board where the rear seats lock in. supposedly was but I reached around the seat and put my hand on the back seat floor nbsp 10 Sep 2018 I looked in the back seat to discover about 16 oz of water piled up in the floor of on these cars to leak into the driver passenger floorboards. Any car with a sunroof will accumulate water in the back seat if the tubes are clogged. 2 Jan 2009 I noticed that when it rains my floorboard on the backseat driver side is The water was intruding where the wiring harness enters the cabin nbsp I stopped to get something out of the back seat and my rear driver side floor board was flooded. Turns out the water went into a subfloor beneath the carpet and got into and ruined my electronics under the drivers seat. I get water in my right rear floorboard when I run the AC for any length of time. See full list on axleaddict. So I am left to wonder how the heck the back floor board pass side was FLOODED. html I have a leak on my drivers side the front floor board is soaking wet and the back seat floor board is damp. I bet I shop vac 39 ed out about . Water runs back along the OUTSIDE of the drain hose and into the cabin area. The water comes into the car from behind the pedals foot rest area. A C unit leaking inside the passenger side of the car making the floorboards damp soaked and wet. I disconnected the battery and pulled the driver 39 s seat and removed the entire back seat to lift the carpet up. Front ones are dry seats stay dry headliner doors everything but the floorboards are dry. org forums 82 1st gen 2003 2007 12553 water leaking. 4 Jan 2013 I checked under the rear seat for water bottles or whatever. May 28 2008 The water is also under the jute pad and there 39 s a big puddle on the metal floor board. The carpet in the rear passenger footwell is sodden and if I poke my finger through the hole in the carpet and underlay at the rear driver 39 s seat mounting Jul 19 2009 While I had the car in to check on the squirrely ride I had them check out the wet drivers side rear seat floorboard. Mar 29 2010 I do however have water in the trunk. Repeat for the other side. Sep 02 2011 Backseat floorboard drenched after rain We had a major downpour last night and this morning I discovered that the floorboard on the passenger side back had standing water The windows were all completely shut seat completely dry. Car makers know this and add roof drains to every sunroof. If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE HELP I don 39 t want to take it back to the dealership. any help in finding where water source is entering Just rear seating floor board area Then I drove the car for a while. Since I didn 39 t smell anything I believe it is water and recent. water in passenger floorboard where is the hose that would cause this Behind the driver 39 s seat under the floor. I then pulled out the front floor mats I found that the drivers front floorboard was wet too but no nbsp 5 Jul 2007 It runs back towards the passenger seat then goes thru the floorboard. I cannot for the life of me figure where it is coming in. Sometimes I do it with my thigh with my knee on the floor but yours is wet. EVery time I ran rear washer my floor was filling up with water. They sealed it with some sealant and done the same thing with the third brake light. Feb 17 2018 Re Driver 39 s side floorboard full of water Feb 17 2018 11 00pm Yah the drain for the window is under the wiper cowl and sometimes junk gets in there and clogs it up to the point it overflows into the interior. Rear washer fluid was being pumped into that area wetting the carpet. I drive a few miles still no rain and suddenly there 39 s water in the back so it seems to be sort of pooling somewhere inside and then suddenly breaks loose and flows into the back seat. 1988 Mitsubishi Van w dual spinny seats mid engine and solid axle. Take out rear seat bench to see if you have water under there that 39 s migrating. Mar 05 2014 I noticed today that I had standing water in my rear passenger Floor board. is running down the inside firewall under the carpet into the back seat floor. there is a connector for the splice pack under the nbsp Strange thing is water not leaking from the roof or door side no sign from anywhere. My rear driver side is full of water. It 39 s only wet in that area. I put everything back and closed everything off. I went to have it sucked up at a detail shop. Found the passenger side rear floorboard carpet soaked with water. . thanks I live in Texas and the last 2 days we 39 ve had a constant rain. Why is my back seat passenger side floor soaked. If not that then most likely hole in floor look from underneath clogged AC drain clogged sunroof drain or leaking windshield though those last 3 will result in some dampness in the front carpet at the time of ingress ie rain . says March 7th 2016 at 8 39 am Aug 04 2013 However I noticed that when it rains the carpet on the drivers side is damp wet. It collects a lot and has no odor. Lifetime Warranty Product comes with hassle free Kurgo Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects when purchased new from authorized dealer. Tech Note Have water in the floorboards of you BMW 3 and 5 series car Especially in the rear seat footwell area This problem is very common on these cars nbsp 12 Apr 2018 around in the back as I braked the car and water was pouring in from under the seat I had maybe half an inch total on the back floor board the nbsp 2 Jun 2017 if you park nose down on an incline the rear hatch area fills with water and dumps into your backseat so that may be it right there m port h8r 02 nbsp 2 Jan 2018 Water Moisture Mildew found under the Driver Side Carpet the driver side floorboard and to the backseat LEFT REAR carpet floorboard. The pads under the carpet squeeze out like sponges. I used duct tape to seal it up. The carpet has a waterproof backing so you don 39 t notice the problem until the water gets about 2 quot deep and it will NEVER dry if it isn 39 t removed from the car. I soaked up the water that was on the carpeted area over the floor board. it could be due to a leaking heater core and you will be low on antifreeze inside the radiator but I bet you have a restriction in the A C drain which can be easily cleaned with a shot of compressed air. Now two days later its soaked again. The front drains route through the left and right A pillars to spill water onto the ground. If that is ok then there are some holes in the bottom side of the vehicle nbsp under the driver side back seat was wet and also under the mat on the floorboard. There must be something going with the floor pan. Jun 20 2014 i have a 2003 4 door with water coming in on the drivers side rear in the boot and in the passenger seat. Had to drop the headliner and remove the rear cab trim and the back seat to get the window out for a reseal. The drain tube can be found by removing the passenger side engine bay skirts. Today Friday it 39 s wet again. My rear seats. Nothing that gets the rear passenger footwell wet though. Remove the 2 nuts at the front of the seat and push the seat backwards off the runners. If the water on the floor is green and oily feeling . I mean there was at least about 1 2 inch 3 4 inch of water sitting in the floorboard when I pulled the seats and rolled back the carpet. Im just posting this to let you guys know this is also a spot to check if you ever have this problem. Other day went out to the car and found water standing in the rear passenger side floorboard. I live in Ontario and its been snowing. There is a cowl system that usually uses several layers to prevent water from passing through the air intake which is on the passenger side above the A C evaporator. I vacuumed the water but it reappeared a few days later. Anyway pulled back the mat dried it out and no more smell. Waiting on the dealer to respond back. If the a c drip tube is clogged more than likely you would not have water at the back floor. Water is circulated into the passenger compartment through the heater core. I tried to follow the water trail down the passenger side but it seems to have missed the passenger side rear seats so not sure if they are both linked. To remove the passenger seat to get the carpet out are the bolts under the four plastic covers How do the covers come off Don 39 t want to break them. water in back seat floorboard